Insane Ball and Cock Torture Sessions These cruel dominant ladies just love to torture and tease male balls! Watch the most exciting testicle torture scenes right here!

Ball Torture Videos in ClubDom

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There is really nothing more humiliating than a man subdued and bound but these male submissives only live to please their mistresses and when it comes to bdsm, the Dominas in ClubDom are no phony! They know what they want and know how to grab it in their hands – literally! With their male slaves’ balls in their hands, these sexy mistresses take ball torture to the extreme by stepping on them with their heels, squeezing and even kicking. These sexy mistresses are just about to prove who’s boss by abusing these male slaves by spanking them, binding them or even taking their play outdoors.

Extreme Testicle Torture in ClubDom

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The Dominas in ClubDom really know what they want – and they have no problems getting it, or more specifically, giving it. They want pain and they want to cause just as much pain and pleasure to their favorite little sex slaves. Their favorite form of torture is testicle torture and with these women, they won’t stop until the balls of their male submissives are all red and swollen. Just the way they handle the balls of their sex slaves in their sexy little hands is enough to make any man cringe and moan in excitement. In this site, women definitely rule

Ball Busting Female Dominas in ClubDom

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There’s really no point asking for mercy when it comes to the Dominas in ClubDom. They may be incredibly sexy and sensual but when it comes to bdsm sex, they are extremely cruel. Here, they make sure that their male slaves get what’s coming to them – some harsh testicle torture. For these Doms, there’s nothing like the feeling of making grown men moan and whimper whenever they kick, slap and squeeze their soft sacs. As if that’s not enough, they even tie and bind these male subsmissives while enjoying their hard cocks. You definitely won’t find any mercy in ClubDom!

Leather Catsuit Redhead Domina in ClubDom

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The mistresses in ClubDom are really merciless when it comes to their slaves! Here we have a gorgeous Domina who wants to make sure that her love slave realizes how pathetic he is. She enjoys a bit of ball torture as she teases his cock and balls with her high-heeled leather boots, stepping on his genitals until he cries out for mercy or was it in pleasure? She doesn’t stop there though – she gets a yoke designed just for his testicles and cock so that she could pull on his testicles while he crawls around the floor following her every command.

Two Dominas Abuse Naughty Male Submissive

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What’s better than one hot mistress? Well, how about two hot mistresses who have no problem abusing naughty and rebellious male slaves? ClubDom brings us two strict Dominas who are just about to punish their male slave. They start out by cuffing him and with his hands restrained, they proceed to testicle torture by pulling on his balls and making sure to squeeze and manhandle his sac. They make sure that his balls are red and swollen before they’re through with him and with his cock all erect and hard, it was time to move on to his naughty penis.

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